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Welcome to the Intuitive Intelligence Podcast hosted by Clairvoyant Success Mentor Bernadette Gold and NLP Master Coach Julie O'brien.

Our podcast will offer you Soul Food for growth in your life, relationships and business. 

Nov 20, 2019

Most people experience a Dark Night of The Soul when they are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening. Join Bernadette and Julie as they discuss they timely subject. 

Nov 2, 2019

In this episode, Spiritual Advisor & Mentor Bernadette Gold and Julie O'brien Intuitive Empowerment Strategist discuss in-depth Spirituality and what it really means. Bernadette Gold and Julie O'Brien are here to make living a spiritual life in your day-to-day, EASY. 

Nov 2, 2019

Jacob Reid is renaming "schizophrenia," a natural psychospiritual development process we mistake for a brain disease. He believes one of the biggest reasons our society is struggling is because we are failing to initiate these men and women who are our potential shamans, instead choosing to deaden their gifts...

Oct 25, 2019

Empaths are emotional sponges, absorbing both positive and negative energies...

The daily challenges emotionally sensitive people and empaths face include:

  • Absorbing the emotions and energy from others.
  • Overwhelm & Overstimulation caused by sensory overload.
  • Loneliness and self-imposed isolation to protect...