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Welcome to the Intuitive Intelligence Podcast hosted by Empowerment Success Mentors Bernadette Gold and Angela Moua

Our podcast will offer you Soul Food for growth in your life, relationships and business. 

Nov 2, 2019

Jacob Reid is renaming "schizophrenia," a natural psychospiritual development process we mistake for a brain disease. He believes one of the biggest reasons our society is struggling is because we are failing to initiate these men and women who are our potential shamans, instead choosing to deaden their gifts through conventional methods, right at the core of their awakenings. That's where Jacob comes in. As a mental health metamorphosis coach, as someone who himself has been through the fire, Jacob knows how to help people ground without shutting off their gifts. He knows how to help these so-called "schizophrenics" access their wisdom so they can contribute to planetary healing.

Jacob Reid Sacredphrenia